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You Can Have The Crown chords

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            Capo 2

Well, I been spending all my money on weed n' pills
Trying to write a song that'll pay the bills
       G                                            D 
But it ain't came yet so I guess I'll have to rob a bank
I guess it could be worse it ain't that bad
At least I ain't sitting in old Baghdad
       G                      D                   G
In the middle of the hot damn desert sitting in a tank

Every time the wife talks a baby gets mentioned
But I'm so broke I can't pay attention
Lord how it tears me up to see her cry
Whoa I been spending all my nights on the internet
Looking for a clue but ain't found one yet
just a bunch of Mopars, guitars, & other stuff I can't buy

         C                                 G 
Well now Lord if you can hear me won't you throw a damn dog a bone G D Cause if the Devil shows up with a better deal this old soul's going down C G C I sing 'em real pretty I sing 'em real sad, all the people in the crowd say he ain't half bad G D G They call me King Turd up here on S**t Mountain but if you want it you can have the crown Well I been sitting on my ass like a bump on a log Watching Andy and ol' Boss Hog I guess I ought to get up and go find a job Instead of sitting on the couch trying to find the next line I'm sure there's gotta be a better use of my time Like figuring out which one of these banks I'm gonna go rob Well the name of the game is hurry up and wait But that ain't putting no food on my plate Or gas in my car and I drive a Bronco So Lord if I could just get me a record deal I might not have to worry about my next meal But I'll still be trying to figure out what the hell rhymes with Bronco Chorus