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Voices tabs by Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson Chords

There's a voice that I can hear sometimes out here on the mountain
          A                           G           D  
When it's dark and the sky is pouring acid like a fountain
And the memories like coal dust stain the window of my eyes
   A                                      G                D           
So ask them no more questions, they can't sell you no more lies

I hear voices all around me in society's depression
Over and over they all recite their first impression
And the rivers are all crying but the ocean cannot speak
Until her waters crash into uncharted shores so dark and bleak

G                                D
How I wish somebody'd make these voices go away
D                                                       A
Seems they're always talking but they ain't got much to say
       G                                  D 
Well a picture's worth a 1000 words but a word ain't worth a dime
    D                                 A              D
And we all know they'll go on talking til the end of time

Don't call it a sign of the times when it's always been this way
Forked tongues and voices behiund curtains with no names
Well, they plot their wicked schemes setting fate for all mankind
With evil that can fill God's pretty skies with clouds that burn and blind

Sturgill Simpson ChordsSturgill Simpson Lyrics

Sturgill Simpson Chords List

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Sturgill Simpson

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