The Storm tabs - Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson Lyrics

Please don't think me a lazy man
             F                   C                G 
Because I've been sitting around all day with the blues
I know how it looks but don't misunderstand
               F            C                G
It's just that I can tell a storm's about to brew
              F       C         G
Cause there's thunder inside my mind
        F         C            G  
There's lightning behind these eyes

          F            C             G
There's a lull and the wind is dying down
             F    C                   G
Don't let it fool you the storm ain't done
             F                  C            G
Flood waters rolling and and my hearts gonna drown
         Am                        C                G
Our love wilted like a flower that ain't got enough sun

G Well the thunder in my head might go away F C G And the river of pain will flow back to the sea G Well, if you would only come back home to stay F C G It'd bring a stop to the rain and happiness to me G Well if you would just come back I'd be so grateful F C G And the storm would be over G Am The world wouldn't seem so mean and hateful F C G And I'd lay you down on a bed of yellow clover Chorus