A Song For chords - Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt Lyrics

            A Song For
Townes Van Zandt

Am                     G            Am
ribbons of love please keep me true sane
F             C           Am
until I reach home on the morrow
Am             G      Am
never never to wander again
    F            C        Am
i'm weak and I'm weary of sorrow

C                     G        Am
london to dublin, australia to perth
  F                    C           Am
i gazed at your sky, I tasted your earth
F                     C           Am
sung out my heart for what it was worth
G                   Am
never again shall I ramble

there's nowhere left in this world where to go
my arms, my legs they're a-tremblin' thoughts both clouded and blue as the sky not even worth the rememberin' b>Chorus:/b> now as I stumble and reel to my bed all that I've done all that I've said means nothin' to me i'd soon as be dead all of this world be forgotten b>Verse:/b> no words of comfort no words of advice nothin' to offer a stranger gone the love, gone the spite it just doesn't matter no longer b>Chorus:/b> my sky's getting far the ground's gettin' close my self goin' crazy the way that it does i'll lie on my pillow and sleep if I must too late to wish I'd been stronger too late to wish I'd been stronger