No Place To Fall chords - Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt Lyrics


(Townes van Zandt)

This is my favourite Townes number. Given a ÔByrdsÕ type folk rock 
treatment (time that was revived?) IÕm sure it could be a huge hit for 
someone. I put the fret numbers in parentheses behind the chords - it 
helps to get the right sound. Originally appeared on ÔFlying ShoesÕ but 
the best version is on TownesÕ live album: ÔRain on a Conga DrumÕ.

(intro)  D(5) - hammer on B  D7(5) - hammer on/off B   G   D 
	   Em   G   Em   D

D(5)          (+/- B)        D7(5)  (+/-B)
Well if I had no place to fall

      G      D
And I needed to

        Em       G
Could I count on you

To lay me down
Well IÕd never tell you no lies I donÕt believe itÕs wise You got pretty eyes WonÕt you stand me a round G F#m A I ainÕt much of a lover itÕs true G F#m A E IÕm here and IÕm gone and IÕm forever blue A But IÕm sure wanting you The skyÕs full of silver and gold Tries to hide the sun But you know it canÕt be done Least not for long And if we help each other grow While the light of day Smiles down our way Oh we canÕt go wrong G F#m A But time sheÕs a fast old train G F#m A E SheÕs here and sheÕs gone, she wonÕt come again A So wonÕt you take my hand Well if I had no place to fall And I needed to Could I count on you To lay me down Any comments to John Weaver c/o