Waiting Round To Die chords - Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt Lyrics

my name is gabe.
thankyou for your great website.
i'd simply like to relate a song of the late, great townes van zandt for 
as with many townes songs, they appear on multiple recordings, and i don't 
know which ones are the originals.
all the verses are played the same. there is a half measure hesitation on Dm 
between the first and second , and third and fourth phrases of each verse.
a bridge can go in there wherever y'all feel like. ( i tend to play it 
before the last verse).

Key of A minor

Am                                                          Dm
Sometimes I don't even know where this dusty road is taking me
Am                                                  E
Sometimes I don't even know the reason why
But I figure I'll keep on ramblin'
Lots of booze and lots of gamblin'
     Am                E                    Am
It's easier than just waitin around to die. Once I had a Ma, I even had a Pa He hit her with a belt once 'cause she cried She told him to take care of me Headed back to Tennessee It was easier 'n just waitin around to die. I came of age and I met a girl in a Tuscaloosa bar She cleaned me out and hid it on the sly I tried to kill the pain I bought some wine and hopped a train It was easier than just waiting around to die My friend said he knew where some easy money was We robbed a man and brother did we fly The police caught up with me drug me back to muskogee Now it's two long years of waitng around to die. Now I'm out of prison I got me a friend at last He don't drink, or cheat, or steal, or lie His name's codeine he's the finest thing I've seen and together we're gonna wait around to die.