Sanitarium Blues chords - Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt Lyrics

            Sanitarium Blues
By Townes Van Zandt
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Capo 1

B         F#               E
The folks, they just can't take no more
B                     F#             E
Throw you in the back seat, slam the door
B                  F#                E   
No stoppin' as down the road you go
Got not time to lose

Gigantic one way gate ahead
You're thinkin' man I'd as soon be dead
They decided to give you life instead
The sanitarium blues

Big ole nurse all dressed in white slaps you on a table in the middle of the night Then he straps you down real tight You're wonderin', what'd I do They hose you down, make sure you're clean Wrap you up in hospital green Shoot you full of Thorazine The sanitarium blues Bridge: E B F# Could be a TB or maybe a tumor E B F# Eavesdropping on the doctors, listening to the rumors E F# Can't see your friends, hear the hum of the wheels B F# Hey my man, you know how it feels E Like the sanitarium blues They upon some sunlit day they figure there's no need for you to stay They're pretty sure you can't be cured so they send you on your merry way You hit the pavement, hang around nobody's on the outside to be found You're just tryin' to stay above the ground You start to thinkin', what's the use? The sanitarium blues