She Came And She Touched Me chords - Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt Lyrics

            She Came And She Touched Me
Townes Van Zandt

Capo 2

she Came And She Touched Me with hands made of velvet
Am                F                               G
reflections sent spinnin' through a face laced in mist.
and I stand where she left me buried deep 'neath her shadow
    Am            F                        G
and mirror pleads sadly has it all come to this
                        F       G
and I wonder, will she call my name

where the wind careens madly through wide windows paneless
fragrances mingle in a room full of shade
and peons pick partners and waltz 'cross the ceiling
but the violins whisper, have I been betrayed
tryin' not to look ashamed.

where the drunkards drink deeply from cups full of nothin'
it's ghost-lover's laugh at the games that they play while moments do summersaults into eternity cling to their coat-tails and beg them to stay sayin' I got nothin' to hide. where illusions projected on walls made of tiffany mad minuets to a sad satin song the harlequin mandolins harmonize helplessly hoping that endlessly won't last for long prayin' that their god ain't died. the I turn and I see her in a dress made of moonlight teardrops like diamonds slide slow down her face and her arms they surround me like chains made of velvet and the demons fall faithfully into their place and the rivers run with jewels. now the morning lies open, the night went quite quickly memory harmlessly fractures and fades all the poets do push-ups on carpets of rubber foam loudly they laugh at some joke that's been made and the wise men speak like fools.