Two Girls chords - Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt Lyrics


Here's my interpretation of the version on Old Quarter. Sounds great with amp
cranked to 10 and full distortion.

Two Girls, Townes Van Zandt
from "Live at the Old Quarter"
tabbed by Jud Branam (
capo 4
The (C)clouds didn't look like (Dm)cotton
they didn't (G)even (F)look like (C)clouds
I was underneath the (Dm)weather
and my (G)friends looked (F)like a (C)crowd
The (Am)swimmin hole was (C)full of rum
I (F)tried to find out (C)why
all I (Dm)learned my friend 
is you've got to (G)swim be(F)fore you (C)fly.
I've got (F)two (C)girls
one's in (Am)heaven, one's (C)below
one I love with (Dm)all my heart 
and (G)one I (F)do not (C)know.
Two lonesome dudes on an ugly horse Passed by not long ago They asked me where the action was I said I did not know And as they disappeared into the brush I heard the driver say He's a little slow between the ears He's always been that way chorus Jolly Jane just lays around and listens with her mouth. She's had about a dozen husbands, but the last one just pulled out. Now who's gonna bring her dinner through the weary years ahead? All she'll get from me is sympathy, got no time to see she's fed. chorus Cold down on the bayou, they say it's in your mind. But the moccasins are treadin' ice and leavin' strange designs Cajuns say the last time this happened they werent' here Aw, beaumont's full of penguins and I'm a playin' it by ear. chorus 2x and out.