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D.B. Cooper chords - Todd Snider

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Todd Snider Sheet music
D.B. Cooper  by Todd Snider

G               D       C                   G
D.B. Cooper was 43 when we first heard his name.

G        D                  C                D
47 miles away from where he fell down to his fame.

    C                   D                   G                         C
But he told me that the hardest part wasn't really jumping out of the plane.

       G                   C                    D                         G
It was spending the night, watching them lights shine through the pouring rain.

G                  D                      C                  G   
They had a manhunt that next morning like nothing I had ever seen.

G                  D                C                  D
I was only 8 years old at the time, watching on the tv screen.

          C                         D                     G                C
They were saying he was never gonna make it now, now that daylight had set in.

    G                          C               D                    G
But later that night they were shining a light down on the mountain again.


C       G     C                G      C                      Amin                  D
Not far away, from the city of roses, they all watched those lights up through the rain.

         C       G C G C
For D.B. Cooper.

          G                        D              C                     G
Well, the cops blocked off all the exit roads and turned out all of the hounds.

     G                           D                  C             D
They even dragged the river up a couple of times to see if he hit ground.

     C                        D                  G                          C
With all of those men working overtime well they swore they would bring him down.

      G               C                      D                     G
But a parachute and a few hundred dollars is all that they've ever found.


C       G     C                G      C                      Amin                  D     D
Not far away, from the city of roses, they all watched those lights up through the rain.

    G                       D                  C                         G
Now some people say that he died up there, somewhere in the rain and the wind.

G                        D                      C                  D
Other people say that he got away, but then his girlfriend did him in.

    C                D                 G                          C
The lawmen say if he is out there, someday they're gonna drag him in.

G                      C          D           G
As for me, I hope they never see, D.B. Cooper again.


C       G     C                G        C                   Amin             D
Not far away, from the city of roses, a light shines from a house out in the rain.

            C                    G     C              G     C
It was D.B. Cooper, drinking champagne.  Drinking Champagne. 

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