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Play A Train Song chords by Todd Snider

Todd Snider Chords

Play a Train Song
By Todd Snider

G                               D
Smokin long black Cadillac, the engine's windin down
Em                                      C 
He'd park it up on the sidewalk like he owned the whole damn town
             G              D               G              C     
I'd here him talkin to some chick through a thick ghost of smoke
          G                        D
Through a thicker haze of southern comfort and coke

                     G                             D
He'd say girl you're hotter than the hinges hangin off the gates of hell
           Em                             C
Don't be afraid, to turn to me, babe if a he don't treat you well
       G            D       G                       C
And by he, he meant me so I laughed and I shook his hand
     G                                 D 
He'd laugh a little bit louder as he'd yell up at the band

       G           D
Play a train, song pour me one more round
Em                               C 
Make em leave my boots when they lay me into the ground
       G       D          G                   C 
I am a runaway locomotive out of my one track mind
          G                       D                  G 
And I'm a looking for any kind of trouble that I can find

I got this old black leather jacket, I got this pack of Marlboro reds
I got this stash here in my pocket, I got these thoughts in my own head
I got to run until I got to walk or until I've got to crawl
This moment that I'm in right now and nothin else at all

Chorus (leave off last line)

And the television blizzard lights we looked around his place
We found him cold there on the sofa a little smile across his face
And though I tried with all of my sadness somehow, I just a could not weep
For a man who looked to me like he died laughin in his sleep

Chorus 2:
Singin a train song, drinkin him one last round
We made em leave his boots on, on the day they laid him down
He was a runaway locomotive out of his one track mind
       G     C
Play a train song
       G     C
Play a train song
       G  D  G
Play a train song

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