Annabelle chords

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            ANNABELLE (Gillian Welch)
Track 2 from "REVIVAL" (Almo, AMSD-80006)


Em                        C
We lease twenty acres and one Ginny mule
B7               Em
>From the Alabama trust
Em                           C
For half of the cotton and a third of the corn
B7                  Em
We get a handful of dust

    C                        G             D             Em
We cannot have all things to please us, no matter how we try
     C                  G              D           Em  C  D  Em 
Until we've all gone to Jesus, we can only wonder why

I had a daughter called her Annabelle 
She's the apple of my eye
Tried to give her something like I never had
Didn't want to ever hear her cry (CHORUS) VERSE 3: When I'm dead and buried I'll take a hard life of tears >From every day I've ever known Anna's in the churchyard she got no life at all She only got these words on a stone (CHORUS)