Wichita chords

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From Mark Albert 

WICHITA (Gillian Welch)
as performed by Tim & Mollie O'Brien
 "AWAY OUT ON THE MOUNTAIN" (Sugar Hill, SH-CD 3825)


She went back to Wichita, 

She went back to her Ma and Pa.
Reckon I saw her next to my truck,
Pumpin' gas with the car packed up.
We talked as neighbors will,

That're waiting for their tanks to fill.
We talked about nothing-- how it might snow,
How far she had to go. CHORUS: C D Going back where the grass grows tall, Em G C And the fields burn in the fall. C D You can still hear the night birds call, C G Back in Wichita. VERSE 2: She came in '85, She came here as a July bride. But it never got easy-- never got rich, Ain't got much but what she came here with. Good times have all been spent, She ain't broken but she's badly bent. There's nothing she wants here nothing that shines, She made up her mind. (CHORUS) BRIDGE: D She says for all my time C G Well I ain't got much to show. D You can tell that man of mine C D And anyone who wants to know. (CHORUS)