April The 14th Part 1 chords - Gillian Welch Chords

Gillian Welch LYRICS

April The 14th Part 1 chords

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            Standard with Capo on first fret

     Bm   Am   C    G    D

Intro: D,Am,C,G

When the iceberg hit,
Oh they must have known,
God moves on the water
Like Casey Jones.

So I walked downtown
On my telephone, C And took a lazy turn G D Through the redeye zone. Bm It was a five-band bill, Am A two-dollar show. C I saw the van out in front G From Idaho, Bm And the girl passed out Am In the backseat trash. C There was no way they'd make G D Even a half a tank of gas. Bm They looked sick and stoned Am And strangely dressed. C And no one showed G From the local press. Bm But I watched them walk Am Through the bottom land, C And I wished I played G C In a rock & roll band. Break: D,Am,C,G D Am C ... Hey, hey, G D Am C, G It was the fourteenth day in April. Bm Well they closed it down, Am With the sails in rags. C And they swept up the fags G And the local rags. Bm Threw the plastic cups Am In the plastic bags, C And the cooks cleaned the kitchen G C With the staggers and the jags. Break: D,Am,C,G Bm Ruination day, Am And the sky was red. C I went back to work, G And back to bed. Bm And the iceberg broke, Am And the Okies fled, C And the Great Emancipator G D Took a bullet in the back of the head...