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Revelator chords - Gillian Welch

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Gillian Welch Sheet music

INTRO: Em   C   Asus2   Asus2/C   2x


Em          C     Asus2      Asus2/C 
  Darling remember     when you come to me
Em           C    Asus2                  Asus2/C 
  I'm the pretender,   and not what I'm supposed to be. 
Am               C          G      D 
  But who could know if I'm a traitor
                Am    C 
Time's the revelator 


Em                C  Asus2           Asus2/C
  They caught the katy   and left me a mule to ride, 
Em            C  Asus2              Asus2/C
  The fortune lady came along and she walked beside,
  Am        C             G     D
  But every word seemed to date her
               Am   C           C(hold) D
Time's the revelator,   The revelator 

BREAK:  Em   C   Asus2   Asus2/C 


Em          C     Asus2      Asus2/C
  Up in the morning    up and on the ride
Em           C     Asus2          Asus2/C
  Drive into corning   and all the spindles whine 
Am          C              G      D
  And every day is getting straighter 
               Am   C           C(hold) D
Time's the revelator,   The revelator 

BREAK: Em   C   Asus2   Asus2/C 

Em           C     Asus2         Asus2/C
  Leaving the valley   and f**king out of sight
Em                C  Asus2                Asus2/C
  I’ll go back to Cali   where I can sleep out every night
Am              C              G      D
  And watch the waves and move the fader.
                 Am   C           C(hold) D
  Time's the revelator,   The revelator 
Am         C          G    D
  Queen of fakes and Imitators
                 Am   C
  Time's the revelator

OUTRO: Em   C   Asus2   Asus2/C  5x 

Gillian Welch ChordsGillian Welch Lyrics

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