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            ONLY ONE AND ONLY (Gillian Welch / David Rawlings)
Track 10 from "REVIVAL" (ALMO, AMSD-80006)


C                            F
There's a hundred bluebirds, up above the clouds
G                            C
Putting all the color in the sky
C                               F
And twice as many tear drops, there to wash it down
G                    C
Every one's another lullaby

G                        C
But there's only one and only
G                F         G
Who could go and leave me lonely

There's a world of trouble, trying to take its turn
I can hear it shaking underground
And half a dozen lessons, I might never learn
Not until them troubles come around (CHORUS) VERSE 3: There's a mile of blacktop, where the road begins It takes a time or two to recognize Growing at the roadside, scattered by the wind Are everybody's unsaid sad goobyes (CHORUS) CODA: You're the only one and only Why'd you go and leave me lonely