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Winters Come And Gone chords

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Winter's Come and Gone on Hell Among the Yearlings, Almo Records 1998
Gillian Welch: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
David Rawlings: Electric Guitar
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Capo 3

In the last verse of the chors there is a quick C not during the Em.  
Either quickly move from Em to C, or hold Em with fingers 2 and 3 
and hit the fifth string, third fret with finger 4:
   ------   ------ Fret 1
Em 023000 > 023000 Fret 2
   ------   -4---- Fret 3

Oh little red bird
Come to my window sill
Been so lonesome
Shaking that morning chill
Oh little red bird Em Open your mouth and say G Been so lonesome Em Just about flown away Chorus: C So long now I've been out G In the rain and snow Em But winter's come and gone (C)Em G A little bird told me so Oh little blue bird Pearly feather breast Five cold nickels' all I got left Oh little blue bird What am I gonna do Five cold nickels Ain't gonna see me through Chorus Oh little black bird On my wire line Dark as trouble In this heart of mine Poor little black bird Sings a worried song Dark as trouble 'Til winter's come and gone Chorus Chorus