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Lightning chords - Eric Church

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Eric Church Sheet music
Eric Church - Lightning

Drop D

Capo 8

All Chords are as followed
D    000232
D/C# 040232
D/F# 4x0232
G/B  020033
G    5x005x
G/F# 4x005x
Em   222000
A    x02230
A7   x02030  (end of chorus only)
Fm  x44222 

Intro (Slightly palm muted)

D D/C# G/B

Verse 1(Slightly Palm muted)

D         D/C#       G/B
These four walls of Farnworth
D   D/C#           G/B
Are closin' in on me
D      D/C#        G/B
My final meal is over
D          D/C#      G/B
They're gonna set me free
      G                  D
I can feel the fire's a burnin'
       G                 D
As the devil guards my door
         G              G/F#  Em
I hit my knees in search of Jesus
     G    A         D          
On a cold jailhouse floor

Chorus 1
               D    D/C#  G/B
Lord, now I'm singin'
               D    D/C#  G/B
Get me out of here
I see the preacher's eyes
As my daughter cries
           Em               A
When they strap me in this chair
                   D  D/C# G/B
Lord, I hope she forgives me
        D          D/F#   G              
For livin' my life this way
Tonight I ride the lightning
To my final judgment day

Verse 2

Every life owes a death
That's what the Bible says
I owe mine to this state
For shootin' that boy to death
A liquor store attendant
He was reachin' for his gun
Now his Momma sits there smilin'
As the boss yells Roll on one

Chorus 2
And now I'm singin'
Get me out of here
I see the preacher's eyes
As my daughter cries
When they strap me in this chair
Lord I hope she forgives me
For leaving her this way
Tonight I ride the lightning
To my final restin' place


Fm                 G
A hungry blue eyed baby cryin'
        D       (G/B   D  G/B)
Made me rob that store
Fm               G
An' as that boy lay there dyin'
              D            (G/B  D  G/B)
I dropped my pistol on the floor
                  G                            G/F#
Yeah, I'd take it all back but there's nothin' I can do
They've covered my face
An' the order's gone through 
         G             NC
As the boss yells Roll on, two

Final Chorus (Slightly Palm muted)

Now I'm flyin'
Up an' out of here
I close my eyes an' slowly rise
Let my body leave this chair
Lord I hope you forgive me
For livin' my life this way
Yeah, tonight I ride the lightning
      G       A7      G      G/F#   G  G/F#
To my final restin' place

These four walls of Farnworth
Are closin' in on me 

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