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Wasted Whiskey chords - Eric Church

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                Wasted Whiskey                  

Open--D  C  G x2  D  C  G  C once  C 1 fret up

D  G  D  G  D  C x2  D  B x2  Em x2  G  D x3
I had every intention of getting hammered here tonight 
I gave my truck keys to the bar keep 
Said “Dave, don’t you dare let me drive” 
In the middle of this bottle 
I drank my train of thought off track 
So I’ve gotta stop drinking or start rethinking my reason for throwing them back 

G  C  G x3  A  D  G x2  C  A x2  G x2  D  G x2                                           
Cause it’s just wasted whiskey trying to drink you off my mind 
There ain’t enough bourbon behind this bar 
And I ain’t got that kinda time 
So I’m gonna stand while I can and raise my glass 
Toast every time you kiss me 
Cause drinking to forget about you 
Is wasted whiskey 

D  G  D  G  D  C x2  D  B x2  Em x2  G  D x3
So here’s to new beginnings and to the memories 
And cheers to your mamma and daddy cause they were right about you and me 
And here’s to Millsap on the jukebox and to your new friends you’ve found 
And here’s to our joint account, 
Master card cause I’m buying the whole house a round 

Repeat chorus 

Solo-- B x2  Em x2  C x2  D x2

G  C  G x3  A  D  G x2
It’s just wasted whiskey trying to drink you off my mind 
There ain't enough bourbon behind this bar 
And I ain’t got that kinda time 
I’m gonna stand while I can and raise my glass 
Toast every single time you ever kissed me 

 G x2  D  G x2 
Cause drinking to forget about you 
Is wasted whiskey 
Drinking to forget about you 
That’s just wasted whiskey

[Thanks to Adam for tabs]

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