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100 Children chords

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            100 Children
By Tom T Hall

Capo 3

One hundred children brave boys and girls
They come from nations all over the world
C                    G
One hundred children marching along
C           G        D             G 
One hundred children singing their song

D                              C            G
Don't blow up the world, don't kill all the flowers
D                           C           G
Today this is your world, tomorrow it's ours
G                       C        G
Leave us pure water and forest uncut
C          G       D                   G 
Think of tomorrow, leave something for us D C G Your God may be dead but ours is alive D C G We think without him we cannot survive G C G Punish all the bad men praise all the good C G D G Talk to your neighbors about brotherhood Chorus This is the song I was singing one night While I was thinking of wrong and of right I thought of good things that still could be done The marchers now number one hundred and one Chorus (Move to G#) Chorus

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