The Barn Dance chords - Hall Tom T

Hall Tom T Lyrics

            The Barn Dance 
By Tom T. Hall
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    D                        G                  D
One night as I was sleeping, something awakened me
D                                  E7             A
There was a light on in my barn so I went down to see
  D                                              G                   D
I peeked through a big ol' crack in the door and what do you think I saw
    D                                A                    D
The animals were having a barn dance right in the horse's stall

A   A/B   A/C#  D                                      G               D
And there was a chicken doing the chicken reel and the muskrat rambled on
    D                                      E7               A
The old cow did the cow-cow boogie and the rooster crowed a song
  D                                      G                D
A mouse came out of his hiding place and he danced on one leg
    D                               A              D
The old hen got so tickled that she almost laid an egg
Banjo interlude Guitar break They were all dressed up for the barn dance it made me want to laugh The rabbit wore the big bowtie and the pig was a looking in the looking glass And the goose danced with the gander till an old dog boddied in The horse was horsin' around a lot till the mare got mad at him Chorus