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Hall Tom T Lyrics

            Shoeshine Man
By Tom T. Hall
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Well I met the man in Montgomery, Alabama
I was waiting on a bus and he was shining shoes
And I heard him say:

I'm a shoeshine man, number one in the land
            C                             G 
A shoeshine man, make you shine where you stand
Leave me a tip if you can
I'm a shoeshine man

Well I can sing, I can dance, I can play the harmonica too
        C                                               G
I got a brand new thing called the Southside Montgomery Blues D G You better stick around and watch me cause I'm an entertaining fool Chorus Well I learned my trade from that rag poppin' daddy of mine Shined a pair of alligators, made a hundred dollar bill one time Says when that meat gets scarce, he'd shine two or three pairs for a dime Chorus I had a girl who helped me, she had a lot of hoochie coochie ways She was bumpin' and grindin’, paid that girl a dollar a day But she was shy on age and the law come and took her away Chorus