I Love chords

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Words and music by Tom T. Hall

[E] I Love - [A] little baby [E] ducks
[A] Old pickup [E] trucks
[B] Slow movin' trains - and [E] rain
[E] I Love - [A] little country [E] streams
[A] Sleep without [E] dreams
[B] Sunday school in May - and [E] hay
And [A] I [B] love you [E] too.

I Love - leaves in the wind
Pictures of my friends
Birds of the world - and squirrels
I Love - coffee in a cup
Little fuzzy pups
Bourbon in a glass - and grass
And I love you too.

Change to F
[F] I Love - [Bb] honest open [F] smiles
[Bb] Kisses from a [F] child
[C] Tomatoes on the vine - and [F] onions
[F] I Love - [Bb] winner's when they [F] cry [Bb] Loser's when they [F] try [C] Music when it's good - and [F] life And [Bb] I [C] love you [F] too. Note. Tom T. Hall - For People In The Last Hard Town 1973 Mercury SRM-1-687

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