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Second Handed Flowers chords - Hall Tom T

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Second Handed Flowers Sheet music
Second Handed Flowers
Tom T Hall

C                      F            C
I was working in Miami for a day or 2 I decided I'd look
                       G      C
 up a girl that I once knew I bought some flowers and went
            F              C        F           C
 to see the girl I used to know the lady at her door said
         G            C
 she had married long ago. Times will change and towns
                 F            C
 will change and there I was alone suddenly I wondered
                  G       C
 would Suzi be at home so with the flowers in my hand I
 F                 C        F              C
 walked toward her gate someone touched me on the arm and
 G                   C
 said you'll have to wait Then I noticed there were people 
F             C      
standing in a line some of them were holdin pretty flowers 
          G    C                                 F  
just like mine they explained that Suzi had been in an
       C     F                 C              G
 awful crash doctors said that she had just a little while
    C                                   F
 to last. When I walked into her room I felt a sense of 
C                                                   G
shame but I heard Suzi whisper I'm awfully glad you came 
C                           F             C       F
she had been the girl I had often gone to see whn someone
        C             G              C      
 that I cared for had been untrue to me. I handed her the
                 F                C        F
 flowers and she gently kissed my hand she said don't be 
C                           G     C
embarrassed you know I understand I said goodbye and as I
         F               C      F                 C
 bent to kiss her fevered brow I heard her whisper thank
             G             C
 you for the second handed flowers.


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