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Pamela Brown chords

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This is my interpretation of the chords. I don't say they're right, but
they work for me

Pamela Brown

[C]I'm  the guy who [F]didn't marry [C]pretty Pamela Brown
[F]Educated, [C]well intentioned [D7]good girl in our [G7]town.
I [C]wonder where I'd [F]be today if [C]she had loved me too;
[C]Probably be [G]driving kids to [C]school.

 And [F]I guess I owe it [G]all to Pamela [C]Brown
 [F]All of my [C]good times, and [D7]all my roamin' a[G]round
 [F]One of these [C]days I might come [C]ramblin' [E7]through your
 And I [C]guess I owe it [G]all to Pamela [C]Brown

I've seen the lights of cities and I've been inside their doors.
I've sailed to foreign countries and I've walked upon their shores.
I guess the guy she married is the best part of my luck,
She dug him 'cause he drove a pickup truck.


I don't have to tell you just how beautiful she was
Everything it takes to get a country boy in love Lord, I hope she's happy, she sure deserves to be Espcially for what she did for me (cho)

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