Local Flowers chords - Tom T Hall

Tom T Hall Lyrics


Recorded by Tom T. Hall
Writer: Tom T. Hall

[C] I have traveled [F] this world [C] over
I have [G7] rambled all my [C] days
When my journey's [F] have all [C] ended
Place some [G7] flowers on my [C] grave. [C7]

Local [F] Flowers, just some [C] Daisies
Wildwood [G7] flowers from the [C] hill [C7]
Where I will [F] spend my eternal [C] hours
Lay me [G7] down with Local [C] Flowers.

Please don't buy those Red Carnations
I don't need the Lilies fair
Just go walkin' on the mountain
Gather while it's blooming there.

Rosemary means that you'll remember
Clover sweet as the love we shared
Mrytle says that you will miss me
Ramblin' Roses say you care. CHORUS Let the birds sing from the tree tops Let the grass grow where it may No arrangement, no bright ribbons Just a simple, wild bouquet. CHORUS SOURCE: TOM T. HALL-HOME GROWN