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Cowboy Man chords - Lyle Lovett

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Lyle Lovett Sheet music
Capo 1st Fret 

(A) (D) (A) (E) (A) (D) (A) (E) (A)

(A) She wore glass slippers   (D) 
(A) She held her head up (E) high
(A) She had that sparkle (D) at her feet
And that (A)…….(E) twinkle in her (A) eye

She smiled at me   (D)
(A) And I wondered (E) why-yy
She said (A) I'm looking for a (D) cowboy
To (A) take me (E) for a (A) ride

Chorus 1
And he can (D) rope me on the (A) prairie
And he can (D) ri-ide me on the (A) plain
And I will (D) be his Cinder-(F#m)-ella  (D)
If he'll (A) be my (E) cowboy (A) man

She said I've got a 40-gallon (D) Stetson hat
With a (A) 38-foot (E) brim
We could (A) dance around the (D) outside baby
(A) ‘Til we (E) both fall (A) in

Chorus 2 
And you can (D) rope me on the (A) prairie
And you can (D) ri-ide me on the (A) plain
And I will (D) be your Cinder-(F#m)-ella  (D)
If you'll (A) be my (E) cowboy (A) man

Instrumental Break –Follow pattern of chorus

(A) Now I ain't never been no (D) cowboy
(A) But Heaven knows I (E) try
I'll be (A) riding tall in my (D) saddle honey
With that (A) Cinde-(E)-rella by my (A) side

And I can (D) rope on the (A) prairie
And I can (D) ri-ide there on the (A) plain
And she will (D) be my Cinder-(F#m)-ella  (D)
And I'll (A) be her (E) cowboy (A) man

Chorus 4
I can (D) ro-ope her on the (A) prairie
And I can (D) ri-ide her on the (A) plain
She will (D) be my Cinder-(F#m)-ella  (D)
And I'll (A) be her (E) cowbo-oo-oy (A) ma-aa-aa-an

Fade out
I can (D) ro-ope her on the (A) prairie
And I can (D) ri-ide her on the (A) plain
She will (D) be my Cinder-(F#m)-ella  (D)
And I'll (A) be her (E) cowbo-oo-oy (A) ma-aa-aa-an

Lyle Lovett ChordsLyle Lovett Lyrics

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