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Back To The Time chords

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Sons of Bill

Capo 4

(G) Well at 17 who could ask for more, (D) ridin’ in the back of a short-bed ford
With a (C) case of miller, yeah we were livin’ the (G) high life (D)
Well it’s (G) 8 o’clock and nowhere to go, (D) same 5 songs on country radi(C)o
And ain’t it always the good times that pass you (G) by (D)


(G) Take me back to the (C) time
When the (Em) end of the world was the (D) county line 
(G) There’s nothing on my (C) mind
But (Em) lovin’ you and a (D) bottle of cheap red (C) wine
Take me back to the (G) time 

And with my heart on my sleeve and spit in the dirt
I had a rebel flag on the back of my t-shirt
The teacher didn’t like it but I wore it anyway
And we laughed like hell and we sure did cry Walked out on a football field and said goodbye Knowin’ all the while we were makin’ some good ole’ days CHORUS And I know that this town sure has changed, no one round here even knows my name I guess I knew it would happened all along But I still drive down to Mechums Creek with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in my speakers And think of her as the crickets sing along CHORUS

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