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Makin' It Through The Night chords

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            Capo 4

D                              G
Life it seems to keep on driftin'
D                             G
In steady steps of nine to five
D                              G
And you were out looking for redemtion
G/Em                       G            A

D                                      G
And through the smoke filled mist between us
D                          G
And with that neon moon above
D                          G
A lonely heart and cheap liquor
G/Em                      G                A
Sometimes is the closest thing you have to love

D                      Em
And be my honkey tonk angel
       G                  D
And I'll be your rollin' stone D Em Be my fast lane to nowhere G D I'll be the road that leads you home Chorus G And we'll both hold each other thinkin' A Heads spinnin' from the drinkin' Em A That this ain't no way to live this life G Em And the hardest part of livin', yeah the hardest part of livin' G A D Is makin' it through the night So take his picture of your dresser And take your halo off the wall And leave your makeup but take off everything That makes you ever give a damn at all And in the mornin' you'll regret me But my face will fade with time And our lonely roads will keep on windin' And we're just meeting at the crossroads to say goodbye Pre-chorus Chorus

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