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Broken Bottles chords

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            Sons Of Bill - Broken Bottles

C                 G   
She's still on my mind
      D             Em      
I got whiskey on my breath, I'm wasted
C              G                 D
Killing myself just to kill some time
        C              G
And I'm so sick of it all
       D                          Em
I been staring at the ceiling getting to feeling
     C                G               D
Like smashing my radio up against the wall

C                          D    G
Don't want to hear another love song
 C                          D       Em
The voices in my head are singing along
C                     D      G
Telling me to be the next ex-lover to
C        G        D
die in a gutter alone
C                D          G
I'm just so damn sick of it all C D Em C Love letters and alcohol G G/F# Em Broken bottles and pain D C Here it goes again She turned this heart of steel to rust In this world that's turning its still burning for something in this world that don't turn to dust And, girl, I've got only you to thank Hank Williams might have been a love-sick drinker but being a love-sick drunk don't make you Hank CHORUS (guitar solo) CHORUS

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