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Radio Can't Rewind chords

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            RADIO CAN'T REWIND
Sam Wilson

Capo IV

(F) Days they run like in on pages, stained with coffee, blurred with tears and (C) rain
Some (F) song about a lover leaving, a broken heart of troubadour that's (C) run away
(G) Stories tread a (F) beaten path of worn out lines and feelings already (C) talked about
Trade the (G) song in for a (F) single and a chance to see your name up on those (G) charts

So you (Am) go back (G) home to (C) find that magic (F) line
Better sell it off the first time that you (G) spin it
'Cause radio can't re(C)wind

(F) Back out on this bus my back is tired, my head is hanging (C) low
So (F) sick of all this talk from men who've never lived a day of what they (C) say they know
But (G) echoes of those (F) singers past can soothe my aching heart and help my (C) soul to rest
They (G) fell upon the (F) needle with the thought that they could be the very (G) best

So you (Am) go back (G) home, to (C) find that long lost (F) rhyme
It all comes to be a distant (G) memory
'Cause radio can't re(C)wind

(Am) Oh, they'd (E7) sing for the (Am) loss of (C) every(F)thing
'Cause we know we'll never (Cm) have that time a(C)gain
So you (Am) go back (G) home to (C) find that long lost (F) time The years all go like songs that came be(G)fore you And radio can't re(C)wind

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