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Santa Ana Winds chords - Sons of Bill

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Santa Ana Winds Sheet music
Santa Ana Winds
Sons of Bill
Intro  	  	 C 	 G 	 C 	 F
 	  	 C 	 G 	 Am 	 F
Well there’s no one to blame, and we all look the same
 	 F 	  	  	  	 C
And it’s maybe just  the course of evolution
And it surely seem to me, that predictability
 	 F 	  	  	  	 C
Is quickly becoming something you cant count on
When on through the night, as the headlights shine so bright
 	 C 	 F
And they’re staring me down like I’m to blame
 	 C  	 G 	  	  	  	  	 Am 	 
Rolling in and out of LA county  and they’re calling out my name
Yeah they’re calling out my name
C 	                              G
Honey let me in, Santa Ana Winds
C 	  	 F
Are going straight to my head
C 	  	 G
And when the sun comes up there won’t be no tomorrow
 	 Am 	 F
In the valley of the dead, in the valley of the dead

Solo over intro
Piano interlude in C
There ain’t no skating by, we’re all gonna dye
F 	 C
No matter what the plastic surgeon told ya
So Karma be the judge, she don’t hold a grudge
F 	  	  	  	 C
Or does she need a little helping hand
When on through the night as the moonlight shines so bright
C 	  	  	  	 F
And it lights up the sheets on my bed
C 	 G
But tonight I’m gonna light that San Fernando
 	 Am 	 F
With kerosene instead, with kerosene instead.

With kerosene…….  (Chorusx2

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