Roll On Jordan chords - Sons of Bill Chords

Roll On Jordan chords

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            Roll on Jordan by Sons of Bill

G Cadd9 G D 

         G                              Cadd9   
Yeah in this sad world we live in the government bought all the trains 

               G                                    D
And there's a lot of lonely people and they're all flying aero-planes
           G                                       Cadd9
And they think they're closer to Heaven, Lord, but that is far from true

           D                                            G
You gotta take that ride down the River of Jordan, see what a boy from Galilee can do
          Cadd9                             G
ANd I say hey, ho, let it go, you're either gonna die young or you'll live to grow old

        D                                                   G
And go down to the river where the waters flow and like a Southbound train it's gonna lead you home

          Cadd9                        G
Let that Bible belt holy roll, I got a Baptist choir singing in my soul
Cadd9 D g Singin "roll on, Jordan, roll" Cadd9 D g Still singin "roll on, Jordan, roll" Piano solo over chorus chords Yeah this sad world we live in, boys, it sure can get you down When you can't seem to get your head on straight and your feet back on the ground But I think every little thing's gonna be alright, yeah it's all gonna be okay Because the sun's still shinin over my home town and I got a Saviour who knows my name Chorus

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