Metaphysical Gingham Gown (corrected) chords - Sons of Bill Chords

Metaphysical Gingham Gown (corrected) chords

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            Sons of Bill - Metaphysical Gingham Gown 

Capo 5 

Intro: Cadd9 G/B G G/B Cadd9 G/B G/F# G

G                           Cadd9      G
Some call me a sinner, some say I was lost 

G                             D
I paid the debts, boy, but I couldn't pay the cost 

        G                       Cadd9     G
But the good Lord, he works in mysterious ways 
      G                        D        G
Like burnin bushes and little girls in braids

Yeah she was only 19 years old

Too young for barrooms, too old to stay home

I'd take her out dancin, I'd spin her around

In that metaphysical Gingham gown Chorus: Cadd9 G D G She says "boy don't the sunshine just call for some rain Cadd9 G D someday we'll understand why" G Cadd9 G So I don't need to wonder why she hangs around G D G In that metaphysical Gingham gown Back to intro I aint much of a singer, I'm less of a man I'd turn tail and run but she wouldn't understand She says "boy God forgives you for all that you are but it's forgivin yourself that's the hardest of all" I'd go lookin for answers on a Tuesday night Too drunk to walk and lookin for a fight But she still picks me up and lays my throbbin head down On that metaphysical Gingham gown (Chorus and intro) And in that lonely space between dust and your soul You cry like a baby while your mind's growin old And your heart begs the question but you never ask why You just love while you can and you learn how to die But sometimes a girl takes the ache from your bones And makes you forget that we all die alone So I'll hold her hand until Jesus comes 'round Trades her dress in for winds and he wears the crown (Chorus, song ends with intro) In the video, you can hear me singing almost as loud as James. Sorry about that.

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