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The Rain chords

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            Sons of Bill - The Rain

Capo 2

Intro: Em G D x4 (lead guitar or organ plays Em, G D x3, then Em, G, Asus2)

        Em       G      D
I could blame it on the moon 

     Em        G    D
For callin me out tonight 

       Em         G           D
Maybe I'm just a little bit lonesome, baby

   Em       G          D
Or maybe my head ain't right

And I could walk down by the station

See my reflection on the ground

Receeding in the ripples but I do not hear a sound 

Cadd9 D I don't hear a sound Verse 2: And when the devil she comes to me, Says "boy do you wanna go out tonight?" She got a 40-oz hurricane in her left hand And a .45 in her right Well you're dyin just to touch her But your heart just wants to scream So you pull her just a little bit closer and pretend it's all just a dream Chorus: Cadd9 D It's just a dream Cadd9 G Em D And oh and I aint the man I wanna be Cadd9 Em G D They call it freedom as you're reachin for your chain Cadd9 G Em D And oh and I'm haunted by the memory Cadd9 G D Of who I used to be when I didn't hate the rain Back to intro, solo over intro.verse chords Verse 3: And I could blame it on the moon For callin me out tonight Yeah maybe I'm just a little bit lonesome, baby Or maybe my head aint right I aint tryin to sing the blues, these bloodyfingers and guitar strings These 12 bars is just a prison when there's nothin else left to sing Nothin left to sing Chorus Songs ends on intro I know that I'm missing chords and a few are probably out of place, so please, comment with corrections or submit a new tab.

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