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100percent Texan chords - Kevin Fowler

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Kevin Fowler Sheet music

100% Texan by Kevin Fowler
From the album Beer, Bait & Ammo
available @
Submitted by D.H. Badger

(CHORUS)           G	       C
Well, I love the sound of the rain on a tin roof
G		  D
On a hot summer night
	 G	     C
Love to hear those hound dogs barkin’
G			D
Howlin’ at the full moonlight
	 G	     C
Love to see those fireflies buzzin’
G			  D
Lightin’ up the southern sky
        G      C     G     D	  G		
I’m hell-bent 100% Texan ‘till I die

	    G	        C
Now, I’ve crossed that old state line
G		     D
More than a time or two
	G		     C
If you see me leavin’ you’d best be believin’
	 G		 D	     G
I’ll be back before the week gets through
      G		C	      G 	     D
If I stay gone too long no tellin’ what I’ll do
	  G			 C
I might hijack a plane, I might jump a freight train
    G	     D	        G
To get back home, it’s true


     G		    C
Now, I don’t mind going to Oklahoma
	G		     D
Ain’t never met an Okie that I didn’t like
G	      C
I don’t mind New York City

	 G			D
Those Yankees talk funny but they’re all right
G	      C
I don’t mind goin’ to Louisiana
    (pronounced weezy-anna in Texas)
	 G			D
They’re red hot Cajun cookin’ suits me fine
      G		    C
If I had my way I’d be home today
	G	    D	       G
On my front porch drinkin’ moonshine


              G         C     G     D      G	
Yea now, I’m hell-bent 100% Texan ‘till I die

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