Long Neckin' (makes For Short Memories) chords - Kevin Fowler

Kevin Fowler Lyrics

There's a hole in the wall just across the tracks

When I'm missin' you that's where I hang my hat
On the antler hook there by the door
I get bellied up and get ready for


A little long neckin'

Pourin' 'em down the hatch

Chug a lug a luggin' this regrettin'

Washin' away the past
Yeah I'll do it up right
With a cold one tonight
       G            C
It's a sure fire remedy G C D G Yeah long neckin' makes for short memories Now sometimes it just takes one or two And you'd never even know that I knew you Ahh but then there's nights you won't get gone And I'm on that barstool all night long (Chorus) C A lot of non-stoppin' top poppin' G Gets the forgettin' done C Lookin' down this bar A7 It's plain to see D I ain't the only one (Chorus)