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Half chords by Kevin Fowler

Kevin Fowler Chords

          E                                      A
She spent half of her life a lookin for a better half to make her whole
        B                                                      E 
Now she spends all her nights waitin' for a man who won't come home
        E                                A
She had half a mind to leave him she had half a mind to stay
        B                                                 E
She had half a tank in her Pontiac when she made her get away

          E                                          A 
She spent half that night drivin' to her sister's in Santa Cruz
        B                                              E
She had half her life to think about and everything to loose
         E                                   A 
She took half a week to find the strength to finally make the call
           B                                           E 
Yeah she's better off takin' half than when she had it all

She said I'll take half of everything you own
I've been takin' half all along
Half of your love and half of your time
B                                         E
She can have the other half that once was mine
              E                                            A
Half of their money half of their home aint worth half the nights spent alone
Well she was cryin' but she got the last laugh
She said honey, honey I'll take half

They met half way up the courthouse steps with their lawyers by their sides
They spent half that day dividin' up the past ten years of their lives
The judge said it ain't hard to figure out if you'll just do the math
Yeah Y'all started off with everything now you're endin' up with half


             A                  B               E
She gave her whole heart to him when she said I do
         A                                    B               E
Yeah her whole world came crashin' down after what he put her through
        A                              G#          C#m 
All her whole life revolved around the promises he made
A                               B
All she had to gain ain't worth half the price she paid


Kevin Fowler ChordsKevin Fowler Lyrics

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