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Hard Man To Love chords - Kevin Fowler

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Hard Man To Love Sheet music
key of A

A                            D                
The phone call in the middle of the night, it never came A                                                        
She's been walkin' on pins and needles waitin' for the 
phone to ring
To put her mind at ease
The suns' comin' up and I'm comin' in
                 D                   E
With another "I'm sorry, It won't happen again"
   F#m                  A
I can't understand why she never ran
      D                          E
When anybody in their right mind would
Yeah I'm a hard man to love
But thank God she does
Keep holdin' on, bein' strong
When "I'm sorry" just ain't enough
Soft as silk she stands
By her barbed wire man
She's never given up
I'm A hard man to love

There's a dog house rose that God knows I didn't send soon enough
Sittin' in the middle of a crippled kitchen table barely standing up from where our kitchen was
It ain't pretty enough to make up for me messin' up the only love a man could ever need
She shines forgiveness from her patient eyes
I don't see what they see in me

Yeah I'm a hard man to love
But thank God she does
Keep holdin' on, bein' strong
When "I'm sorry" just ain't enough
Soft as silk she stands
By her barbed wire man
She's never given up
I'm A hard man to love

F#m               D           A              E       
But I found someone tough enough to love a man like me 
F#m                           D                       A
In spite of the tears she's cried and the time she's tried 
so hard to love

This hard man to love
But thank God she does
Keep holdin' on, bein' strong
When "I'm sorry" just ain't enough
Soft as silk she stands
By her barbed wire man
She's never given up
I'm A hard man to love

No she's never given up
On this hard man to love

[Thanks to Lucas Jagneaux for corrections]

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