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Drinkin' Days chords

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            Drinkin Days
By Kevin Fowler

Capo 2

A                              D
I know Ive hurt you more than one time
E                              A
And I know you heard it all before
A                       D   
I wouldnt blame you if drew the line
E                         A                A7
Didnt want to hear it anymore and walked away
I hope to god its not too late 
E                       A
No other mans taken my place
A                          D
If youll give me one last chance 
D                            E
Youre gonna see a brand new man
E                        A 
Please believe me when I say

Chorus: A D That those were my drinkin days E A Well Im over now and Ive changed my ways A D If you wondering if Im gonna stay E D D/C# D/B A Remember those were my drinkin days A D Been years, it seems like yesterday E A A young girls heart would slip away A D And love was everything she dreamed E A A fairy tale or so it seems A D But all that glitters is not gold E Sometimes we dont see A D Things for what they are or what we want them to be D One day it wont be long E Shes gonna wake up and shell be strong A But till then shell hear him say Chorus Bridge: D One day a stranger came home E Not the same man she had known A He had somehow gone astray D But nightlife had took him away D Come back time and time again E But like a fool shed let him in A Seems like some things never change Chorus

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