Read Between The Lines chords - Kevin Fowler

Kevin Fowler Lyrics

            Kevin Fowler - Read Between The Lines  

D              A                  G 
Something is wrong, but he won't say 
               A                    D 
The way he's acting should give it away 
             A                  G 
Stayin' out late not sayin' a word 
Silence says everything 
     G                   A 
The sign posts they are red 
            G             A 
There's a rough road up ahead 
Well, I could spell it out in black and white 
It's no use 'cause you won't try 
To see what's going on around you 
       D                      A 
Girl if you don't know by now 
  G                  A 
Guess I'll have to spell it out D A He may not say what's on his mind G A D 'Gotta learn to read between the lines D A G You played the fool, you played it well A But it's time you should be changin' D A G With your head in the sand it's hard to tell A Just what he's trying to do G A Half truths and all his lies G A And them half-baked alibis G A Well now, you've been holdin' on too hard for too long (chorus twice)