I Lost My Heart In Oklahoma chords - Kevin Fowler

Kevin Fowler Lyrics

            I Lost My Heart In Oklahoma  By Kevin Fowler 
E                            F#m 
Picked up the paper just the other day  
     B                      E 
When I was over 'round Chickasha 
E                   F#m 
Flipped over to the classified ads 
   B               E  
To see what I could find 
Somewhere in the lost and found 
Between a diamond ring and an old black hound 
There was a letter from a man down in Texas 
Who left something across the state line 
                 E                F#m 
It said I lost my heart in Oklahoma 
   B                      E 
If anybody finds it please send it back 
E              F#m 
Reward offered by the owner 
B           E 
No questions asked      
It said he met her over Tulsa way When he was just a kid Still remembers to this very day All those crazy things she did I've got a lot in common with that man Yeah, I've been in his shoes You'd better watch out or you might get taken A heart's not hard to lose Chorus) Bridge: F#m E What he said wasn't all in vain, F#m Don't think I'll ever find it now F#m E The past is one thing I can't change F#m The hands of time keep spinnin' 'round F#m E I've been searching high and low F#m G#m A A# B But now I know it's my one last chance to bring it home Chorus Chorus Tag: E A B E Yea, I lost my heart in Oklahoma