Our Love Is A Prison chords - Kevin Fowler

Kevin Fowler Lyrics

            Kevin Fowler - Our Love Is A Prison  

A                      E 
A love that was made in Heaven 
    D    D/C#  D/B    A 
Now seems more like hell 
A                   E 
And now we're doing life here 
         D  D/C# D/B    A 
In this four bedroom cell 
Like two prisoners 
We're stuck here 
     D D/C# D/B   A 
Just doing our time 
A               E 
There's no escaping 
        D   D/C# D/B    A 
Killing love was our crime 
                  A                E 
We've been sentenced to a lifetime 
    D/A  D/B D/C#  D 
Til death do us part 
A E Our love is a prison D D/C# D/B A With velvet lined bars I'm a third time offender No chance for parole There's hard time we're doing Has taken its toll Went from soul mates To cell mates We're bound by these chains Finding a world where No love remains (Chorus 2x)