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Loss Of Marian chords by Misc

Misc Chords

          In 1915 on the 10th day of June
          At Birks wharf the Marian lay
          Prepared for the banks as custom to do
          All loaded with capeland for bait
          The wind from the northwest, a warm summer breeze
          As Ike Jones to St Jacks he steered
          And the boys in the fos'csle make plans for the night
          When they all go ashore in St Pierre
          Some were uneasy they'd be trouble they said
          Cause Ike Jones was noted to fight
          At the Cafe de France on the last trip he made
          A Frenchman had threatened his life
          The challenge to fight was issued that night
          While the cheep french liquor ran free
          The French captain them warned the Marian men
          He would answer the challenge at sea
          Next day the Marian set sail again
          As so do the stories relay
          The big French trawler weighed anchor as well
          And followed close by in her wake
          She's a Fortune Bay schooner heading out for the banks
          With a fine crew of Fortune Bay ,men
          But some on the Cape were rumored to say
          She'd never be heard from again
          The fate that befell the Marian crew
          and the schooner will never be known
          Not a trace of good tidings were ever again
          To be heard from those waiting at home
          Some say the Frenchman was true to his word
          Some say he confessed 'fore he died
          That he scuttled the Marian and settled the debt
          Not taking one mon o'er the side
          Families of Skinners and Boles and Miles
          Grieve for their loved ones I'm sure
          As the Newfoundland story of lost to the sea
          As told of so often before
          She's a Fortune Bay schooner sailing out from St Jacks
          With a fine crew of Fortune Bay men
          But never no more will she pass by the light
          With her jib flapping into the wind.

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