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A Woman Half My Age chords

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            A Woman Half My Age
recorded by Kitty Wells
written by Virginia Kennedy
Thanks to Classic Country Lyrics for chords:
Banjo tuned E, Capo 3, Key of G

You say I've lost you to a woman half my age
   D7                                   G
A lovely young acquaintance that you've made
                         G7          C
You say your love for me you've laid aside
    G               D7                     G
And she's rekindled flames you thought had died
C                                     G
But if your love affair with her goes wrong 
    A7                               D7
And if you miss the love you left at home
G                                 G7        C
Come back and we'll tear out this tarnished page
    G                 D7            G
And we'll forget that woman half my age
The lines that time has etched upon my brow D7 G A face grown too familiar to you now G7 C The look that often took the place of words G D7 G You're replacing now with looks from her Repeat #2