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Sweet Thing 2 chords

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I walked out of the house about sundown,
While ol' mama was a washin' her hair,
And you can bet your bottom dollar she'll come lookin' for me,
When she finds that I'm not there.
And if she catches her sweet thing out runnin'  'round
You can bet it'll be the death of me
She'll come stormin' like a cyclone through that door
And this is what you'll hear her say;

Well, has anybody here seen my sweet thing
I gotta notion he's aheaded this a way
'Cause when my sweet thing's out tom cattin' around
He finds a sandbox like this to play.
Now let me tell all you barroom cuties,
If my sweet thing should happen by,
You'd better take my advice, and if you blink more than twice,
You'd better have somethin' in your eye.

I give my baby all of my paycheck
'Cept a little that she don't know that I got
'Coz there's a cute little thing down at the corner cafe And she seems to like me quite alot Well we were sittin' in the back booth, havin' a drink She was believin' every word that I said When the door flew open, my baby walked in, Loud enough to wake the dead. She said: Repeat Chorus