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SEARCHING (For Someone Like You)
Recorded  by Kitty Wells
Written by Pee Wee Maddux Ê [G]-SEARCHING -
[C] I've spent a lifetime,  darling
[D7] Looking for [G] someone like [D7]  you
[G]-Dreaming -
[C] In all my dreams, I dream that [G] someday
[D7]  I'd find -
Someone like [G] you. Ê [C] Other loves have come my way
But [G] they  were not for me
[C] Tell me that you're here to stay
Don't [G] ever set me  [D7] free
'Cause I've been [G] SEARCHING
[C] I've spent a lifetime,  darling
[G] SEARCHING - [D7] looking
For someone just like [G]  you. Ê