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Heartbreak Usa chords

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Recorded by Kitty Wells
Written by Harlan Howard

INTRO:  [A]Back home in [E]Heartbreak [B]U. S. [E]A.

[E]The harbor's empty, my love has [A]gone
With aching [B]heart I face each cold and lonely [E]dawn
And til the trade winds bring him home to [A]stay
I'll live in [E]heartbreak [B]U. S. [E]A. ...

[P]Don't let those [A]Geisha girls get your heart in a [E]whirl
And if you [F#]meet some sweet fraulein remember you're [B]mine
Don't forget your [E]sweetheart while you're a-[A]way
Back home in [E]Heartbreak [B]U. S. [E]A..

Sometimes I'm lonely and time stands still
And I wonder if you feel the way I always will
So darling write me letters every day
In care of Heartbreak U. S. A.