Amigo's Guitar chords - Kitty Wells Chords

Amigo's Guitar chords

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            written by John D. Loudermilk, Roy Botkin, Kitty Wells
G D7                       G
Tonight they're singing in DeVilla 
D7                         G
Tomorrow you'll be gone so far
D7                        G
Hold me close and say you love me 
      D7                   G
While amigo plays his blue guitar
    D7                    G
Aye yi aye yi the moon is lonely 
  D7                           G
Tomorrow I'll wonder where you are
   D7             G
Manana morning my darling 
        D7              G
I'll be blue as amigo's guitar
     D7                          G
They hushed their singing in the DeVilla 
D7                         G
All this quiet beneath the stars
D7                  G
Amigo plays Asta de Vago D7 G Up on his lonely blue guitar Repeat #2