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You And Me chords

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Recorded by Kitty Wells and Red Foley
Words and music by Johnny Wright, Jack Anglin & Jim Anglin

D: [D] You and me to-[G] gether life's a [D] pleasure
F: But with-[A7] out your love I'd want to [D] flee
M: And I feel the [G] same about you [D] darlin
D: We be-[A7] long together you and [D] me.

M: [D] We'll share loves' [G] joy and lifes' [D] sorrow
M: You be-[A7] long to me I belong to [D] you
F: When you hold my [G] hand the sun shines [D] brighter
F: When you [A7] smile at me I lose my [D] blues.


M: Don't ever let nothin' come between us
M: Think how lonely life apart would be
F: Gossiping tongues can never change me darling
F: Your love means more than life to me.